"After the preliminary survey for the suitable locations for Ecosystem-based Adaptation measures, Department of Water Resources and GIZ-ECOSWat have jointly conducted the data collection by drone in Lum Pha Chi sub-river basin.

A team of experts from Walailak University and engineers from Bureau of Conservation and Rehabilitation have worked together to identify the proper areas, then collect the data from aerial and terrestrial photos and eventually generate the 3D model to study river behaviour before and after the construction of EbA measure.

Moreover, we are very honoured to be part of the documentary production by ThaiPBS to publish our work and the benefits for the people as a whole. We are very proud to represent the strong cooperation in every level and the knowledge exchange portal in this regards.

Scoop News from Media visit: Lum Pha Chi sub-river basin, Ratchaburi
"Improved Management of Extreme Events through Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Watersheds Project"