From 19 - 25 June 2017, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), Thailand, led by Mr. Pongboon Pongtong, Deputy Permanent Secretary of MONRE, delegates from Departments of Water Resources and GIZ-ECOSWat project visit Germany. The objective of this trip is “To learn about the innovative ideas and application of Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA) measures for Water Management in Germany”

On 20 June 2017, the meeting between MONRE of Thailand, GIZ-ECOSWat and Bavaria State Ministry was organized in order to exchange knowledge about flood risk reduction between two countries.

During the trip, the team visit 3 Ecosystem based Adaptation project sites which are (1) Isar-Plan Restoration (2) Danube restoration and (3) Floodplains of the river Rhine and Murg. It is clear that for river restoration or floodplains development is not only benefit on flood prevention of the area. These EbA measures have several co-benefits such as (i) increasing in biodiversity (ii) conservation of rare species (iii) protection of the habitats (iv) development of recreation areas/study sites

Example from Danube restoration, this project started in 1992 which aim to improve both ecology and flood protection in the Danube river basin. The benefits from this project are

  • Biodiversity and natural protection
  • Nutrient and carbon retention
  • Self-purification
  • Flood mitigation by water retention

The meeting to summarize about outcomes of this visit organized at the GIZ headquarters’ in Eschborn on Friday 23rd June. The delegates agree that EbA in water management can be benefit in several aspects. They still need to learn more about how to apply EbA into the policy planning and strategies of national level, and sub-national level to Thailand. Mr. Pongboon requested DWR to study about how to apply EbA measures that they have learned from Germany into water management in Thailand. Beside Mr. Pongboon plan to visit 3 pilot sites of GIZ-ECOSWat project which the first EbA measure will be constructed in Huai Sai Bart sub-riverbasin in Khon Kean province.