GIZ-ECOSWat team and representatives from ONEP and RID were participated in 2nd International EbA Community of Practice Workshop during 21 – 27 August 2017. The workshop took place at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel on 21 – 24 August. This workshop with governmental representatives, experts from international organizations, academia and EbA implementers aims at a stocktaking of recent EbA developments and success stories related to the workshop’s main topics entry points for mainstreaming EbA, finance options, evidence of EbA measures, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E).

Following with the field trip to Sirindhorn International Environmental Park (SIEP), Cha-am district, Petchburi on 25 August led the participants learn more about existing EbA projects in Thailand. Mangrove reforestation project and wastewater treatment which call constructed wetland have shown very good examples of benefits of ecosystem services to the human life.

The last two day participants separated into 2 groups for training session which are (1) Mainstreaming Ecosytem based Adaptation (EbA) into development planning and (2) Valuating ecosystem services. For Valuating ecosystem services training Ms.Jaruwan Ngamsing from ECOSWat project performed as a co-trainer with Ms.Lucy Emerton (Eco Consult)

Representative from ONEP and RID were impress with the workshop and reveal that they can apply the knowledge that they have learn during this event to their work. And looking forward to work closely with ECOSWat in order to integrating of Ecosystem based Adaptation into their organization.